Purple Slice 2-Pack

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2-Pack 32 oz. bottles

Purple Slice Clean wax and polish, The Ultimate Finish in one easy step! Just spray and wipe. Purple Slice is a revolutionary liquid with many uses on vehicles, office and home. It gives a brilliant streak free shine instantly while cleaning bugs, dirt, and grime. Works on paint, chrome, plastic, glass, motorcycle windshields, helmets, stainless steel, fiberglass, carbon fiber, LCD screens, mirrors, granite counter tops, phones, tablets, glasses, sunglasses, and finished wood, plus much more. Leaves no streaks or residue. Won’t turn white if it’s let dry. Just spray again and wipe. Works best with a microfiber towel. Biodegradable and non toxic.

  • Can be used in direct sunlight and won’t streak
  • Can be used on denim, flat, matte black and it will stay flat black / matte black
  • Keeps surfaces cleaner longer, providing a non-stick heat resistant coating
  • Works Instantly! 
  • Silicone & abrasive free