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12 oz. Aerosol Spray

Wet-Wet by Purple Slice improves the appearance of motors, plastics, trim, rubber and much more. Wet-wet provides a heat and water-resistant high gloss shine to brighten and restore dull or faded surfaces inside or outside a vehicle. Makes plastic, hoses, motors look like new. Extremely long lasting. Easy apply and great for hard to reach places. Apply this product before you’re final touches with Purple Slice to clean up any overspray. 

  • Spray on wipe off
  • or spray and leave alone
  • Instant shine
  • Long lasting
  • Heat resistant 

CAUTION: Use caution when applying to running boards/bars, motorcycle pegs/footrests; For best results on these surfaces spray, let dry, then wipe off. Do not use on motorcycle tires unless a show only motorcycle (tires may/will become slick)